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Movie Title: Garage Sex

Storyline: Lacey Duvalle , let me tell you were getting some pretty hot chicks for this site. Lacey Duvalle is pretty , she's got a great body, but she's a little shy in this assesinpublic scene. She does flash enough but you can see she is un-easy about it. I don't know why, she's really fucking hot and she's got a FAT ass, which i'm sure a lot of people will enjoy. When she got to the garage you could see she was ready to fuck and boy did she fuck the shit out of Andrew.

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What people are saying about: Lacey DuValle - Garage Sex assesinpublic movie

Comment #1

greedho said: Lacey will you go out with me sometime? Out in public that is! Greedho from tittwoine

Comment #2

koo said: Lacey i love your ass i want to put my face in there better yet u need to sit on my face

Comment #3

5cc7c said: Lacy is awesome. That ass is so phat, I love it. We need her on big wet butts !!! More Lacy Please.

Comment #4

dayhood said: more Lacey, just cant get enough. love 2 see her in doctor uniform with some blk. stockings in doctors adventures.

Comment #5

BUFFDADDYDX said: Lacey is so hot. looks like she put more meat on that ass. i like it

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