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AssesinPublic presents: Ricki White flashes her goodies to a bunch of workers

Movie Title: T n' A in L.A.

Storyline: We all know Ricki White as an ass model, but now she seems to be packing everything. She hit the streets with our crew and the debauchery went into full swing. Ricki was more then happy to flash her new tits and ass to the many spectators under the over pass. She went on to feel a few of the guys cocks through their pants, only proving she was ready to fuck in public...

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Ricki White AssesInPublic Movie

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Comment #1

ldknepper2 said: ain't that truth....where's the anal and that ass looked so good

Comment #2

kingbaboon45 said: I know its called asses in public but I would like to see some more pussy, it seems like they are getting to a scene where the girl will pull her pants down and bang, she turns around and 452 pics later her pants are back up and no pussy shots and this girl has a prettty pussy. Maybe they can add a site called pussies in public. I would love some shot with the girl laying down legs wide open and some strangers rubbing her pussy but I still love this site.

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bhigbhil said: I am most positive that I want to fuck both Ricki White and lovisgirl. They are both fucking hot and rate in the upper regions of Hottifucabilty and Bold Cuntiness. Additionally, the only thing that Ricki can do to absolutely drive me totally of the Fuckability Scale would be. while getting that hot shaved pussy of hers publicly fuct, she could learn to squirt, then I would believe that I had died and landed in Heaven.

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bhigbhil said: I LOVE PUBLIC SEX AND I LOVE ASSES IN PUBLIC. Ricki White has produced one of the two hottest Public Sex Scenes in History. Straight out Public Fucking, damn who comes by, in fact, invite some friends over to take some pictures. Ricki, you hot slutty assed bitch, you are my type of woman sexually, and physically you go over the top with that big full, juicy, soft, smooth, fuckable ASS. Damnnnnnnnn, ho, you got BACK. And you have a very pretty, big clitted shaved pussy. Damn you make a dick hard running around showing off all your asses in public. We need to put your hot big ass in a van, Buck Assed Naked, getting thoroughly dicked good, and then get out at say McDonalds and finish with a great NUT for both of you then, camera rolling still, Run to the van and continue to develop some more complex high energy sexuality that you exude, and fuck some more for us. I would love to participate in fucking your hot big juicy ass in public, with spectators. Damn you make my big dick hard and then it fuckin explodes. See what you done, ho? Having shot some exhibitionist vids, I suggest that you cut out all the footage of dumbasses that don't see the Once in a Life Time chance that all guys secretly harbor, that some hot chic will walk up to us, naked and ask us to fuck her. We all dream for it. Notice that only a few live out this dream when given the opportunity for Stardom. Think what you can tell and show your buddies. Feeling, fucking a hot chick in PUBLIC. So cut out the dildo's, highlight those of us that love to have this opportunity to play out and then get her BAN and fuct.

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lovisgirl said: FUCK! This asses in public movies made my pussy fucking pour juices. I squatted on the floor with the laptop in front of me, and I churn fucked my glass dong up into my pussy hole, loving the feeling of having a big and engorged clit. I could actually see it pulsing when I looked down at it. Goddamn...watching Ricki throat fuck a cock on the fucking street, with those big ass titties hanging out under her top, (like a nasty fucking, depraved wench), fuck it is just so, so nasty to me. Oh, what I would do to her fine damn pussy and tits!! My absolute favorite is seeing a big titty woman get nasty, fucking cock and sloppily sucking it, with a top pulled up over the tits. This video is my new favorite. Ricki is super nasty. I made a puddle on the floor from literally spraying pussy juices, watching it. My pussy feels puffy and slippery- right now, thinking about it....

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