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AssesinPublic presents: Sheila Marie jacks off the owner of a clothes store

Movie Title: Chillin' around LA

Storyline: Sheila Marie has such a great body and she's so much fun to hang out with. We went to downtown LA and she had no problems showing her great ass and tits to the guys around. She even jerked off some old dude at a store!!! We really wanted to give this crazy bitch the banging she deserved, so we hooked her up with TJ and got her fucked on a couch we found in an alley.

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Sheila Marie AssesInPublic Movie

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What people are saying about: Sheila Marie - Chillin' around LA assesinpublic movie

Comment #1

henrdav1 said: The scene inside the store was the best so far with her letting the old guy fondle her ass and her pussy, and he was even getting ready to fuck her. You should have encouraged her to stay inside longer just to see if he actually would have gone through with it. Why not get her back again, and why does it take so long between new Asses In Public movies?

Comment #2

robb201 said: Well, this was Sheila's best scene yet for Brazzers, but I'm still not into her. I wil say this for her though, she set another example (as did Barbi & Charley) for girls to follow in future Asses In Public scenes. She let that old guy play with her pussy while she stroked his dick, and she even kissed him. She seemed to have a lot of fun in this scene. It was alright, she's just not my type, never has been, and probably never will be. 7/10.

Comment #3

jb79991 said: Nice looking ASS. Perfect TITTIES looked good out in public. Can we get her to do DP

Comment #4

todayspanda1 said: its about time to get a really big tittied girl in Asses in Public. We need some more like Sienne West or Nicki Benz. Sheila was definetly hot in this one.

Comment #5

eddieap said: You people that don't like Asses In Public crack me up. You say you don't like AIP but you be still watch. Are you people really that stupid? Simply put, if you don't like this type of site, check out the other sites that might be your cup of tea. I for one like Asses in Public ,and hope the site stays.

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