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AssesinPublic presents: British Pornstar shows her goodies to the latino community

Movie Title: Dee-lightful Time!

Storyline: Two things can be said about Sophie Dee, shes wild, down for whatever and has a fucking nice ass! So it is definitely long overdue to have this girl on asses in public. We let her loose on the streets on LA and she lived up to her reputation. Grabbing pedestrian's genitalia, jumping on and humping all kinds of people. Flashing her ass and tits to men and women alike. People who saw Sophie Dee that day got a show and a half. You gotta love these European girls...they're just so wild!

Assesinpublic Pornstar: Sophie Dee

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Sophie Dee AssesInPublic Movie

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What people are saying about: Sophie Dee - Dee-lightful Time! assesinpublic movie

Comment #1

robb201 said: Sophie isn't one of my personal favorites, but her scenes are always pretty good, so I watch them anyways. I liked how she was sprayed with the hose and then dried with the towels. It was funny. I also liked how she didn't wear underwear for this type of scene, if there is any type of scene you should not wear underwear for, this is the right scene. I don't like how she wouldn't let them touch her pussy, these chicks really need to losen up. Earlier she said she'd like to do porn with everyone at home watching this scene, but then pushes them away from her when they try to touch her. Yeah, that showed she really wanted to fuck all her looked more like bullshit to me. The sex was average I guess. I'm still not a fan of this Talon guy. Although he actually said something in this scene, I don't think he is good for Asses In Public scenes. Anal would have been nice to see. I have to admit, everytime she said something in this scene, she did sound like a underaged. 7/10

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: Wow this is the best I have seen Sophie Dee look. She is one of the few chicks that looked really amazing for knowing she will get fucked outside. The interaction was fine. She seemed all gung ho about the crowd but wasn't all that thrilled with the groping. It doesn't bother me about the location either. You have to go where people will be outside. I liked her getting sprayed by the hose. The sex was alright. At least they got in a couple of good positions. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Noksouljah1 said: Sophie Dee is fuckin HoT as HeLL...but these outdoor, gawkin scenes ain't really doin it for me~ it more pisses me off when I see the pylons that get lucky and receive the show of a lifetime..I'd like AssesInPublic more if they shot it in my hometown...

Comment #4

donald07 said: hoping this was gonna be anal, what with sophie dee in it, but she so hot it doesnt really matter. i really like aip, keep it up fellas

Comment #5

Gianni211 said: I'm excited about this one. She has an awsome, fun, and upbeat attitude. Hopefully the sex is just as good.

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